Turner House

Turner House and the nearby 'Cottage' accommodate up to 62 girls from Years 7 - 12. The girls are cared for by the Head of Turner House, who is a senior member of the teaching staff and resides nearby. She is supported by the Assistant Head of Turner House, who is also a member of the teaching staff and resides on School property nearby. Additional senior staff provide 24 hour care on a rostered basis and are supported by a team of residential tutors.

Turner House is located on the Girton Campus, adjacent to the Senior School and the 'Cottage' is immediately adjacent to the Girton Campus. Turner House overlooks tennis and basketball courts and lovely garden areas.

Year 11 and 12 students are accommodated in the modern and comfortable facilities of Turner House. Senior students are provided single, air-conditioned rooms, each with private study facilities and email/internet access (if the student has their own computer). Year 12 students have the added privilege of private telephones (for incoming calls). Years 7 - 9 students enjoy the home-like comfort of the 'Cottage' in twin share rooms, each with private study facilities. Year 10 students are accommodated in both Turner House and the 'Cottage', on a rotational basis, and therefore enjoy the benefits of both.

Turner House is well resourced with computers which are available to boarders in all year levels and allow use of email/internet privileges. Both school night and weekend homework/study time is supervised, with support available if needed. Boarders have access to the School's sporting facilities, including the gymnasium and the swimming pool.

The girls enjoy modern and comfortable recreation areas including the provision of a kitchen for casual cooking, sewing machines, pool table and television.

All boarders, girls and boys alike, share their morning, evening and weekend meals in the Boarders' Dining Room. The Dining Room also provides and delivers morning tea (recess) and school lunches to boarders at their respective campuses.