Uniform Guidelines and Prices

Students are required to wear correct School Uniform to and from school, during the school day, when participating in school sport and when attending any formal School functions.

Please read our Uniform Guidelines and pricing.


The School recognises the importance of encouraging all students to protect themselves from the harmful effects of UV exposure. To assist in this regard a number of hats are available through the School.
Junior School – wide brimmed Pembroke hats are compulsory for outdoors throughout the year.
Middle School and Senior School:
a) Formal hats which complement the uniform and may be worn at all times throughout the year. Two styles of formal hat are available from the School Shop.
b) A baseball-style cap (with a ‘P’ insignia) or bucket hat must be worn for Sport and Physical Education and may be worn with the summer uniform.
The wearing of other types or styles of hat is not acceptable. Students are also strongly encouraged to use sunscreen when engaged in any activities outdoors.


Must be neatly and conventionally styled and not be noticably or outrageously coloured. If a ribbon or 'scrunchie' is used to tie back hair, it must be in the School colours of Pembroke Blue, Gold or Green. School hair accessories are available from the School Shop. ELC - Year 6 students must tie back shoulder length hair.

Boys must be clean shaven.


The only jewellery that may be worn by Junior School students is:-
a) a wrist watch.
b) one pair of small earrings or studs.
c) a simple, unobtrusive necklace.

Middle and Senior School students are also allowed to wear:
d) one plain, unobtrusive bracelet/bangle and one 'friendship' or 'charity' wrist band.
e) a plain ring.

Senior School students may also wear:
f) one small, unobtrusive nose stud.
No other jewellery may be worn.

If at any time a staff member believes that an item of jewellery may present a risk to student welfare or safety it is appropriate for that teacher to require it to be removed; an example may be removing wrist bands when working with technical workshop machinery.

Makeup Any form of make-up, other than for medical purposes or sun protection, is not acceptable.
Nail Varnish Coloured nail varnish is not acceptable.
Sports Uniform

Students who represent the School in sport must wear the uniform appropriate to that sport. In addition, students may wear the School wet weather jacket, the School spray jacket, School track pants or the School rugby top to and from sports fixtures.
No other jackets, windcheaters or tops may be worn.
Pembroke sports 'P' caps, cricket caps and hats are the only approved headware.


It is compulsory in the Junior School and strongly recommended in the Middle School and Senior School that a properly fitted mouthguard should be worn by all students who play hockey, rugby, football and softball. Students who play squash must wear proper eye guards.

Protection against Rain

During inclement weather the Pembroke wet weather jacket may be worn to and from School on wet days over a blazer but not in place of the blazer. The Pembroke spray jacket may not be worn over the blazer for wet weather protection. School umbrellas are also available from the School Shop.

Cyclists It is required by law that cycling students must wear protective helmets. Bicycles should also be fitted with reflectors and lights. Cyclists are not required to wear a blazer under the wet weather jacket whilst travelling on wet days.