Health and Physical Education

The Health and Physical Education Department provides a broad range of learning experiences, with opportunities for students to explore physical pursuits that are both appealing and appropriate to their age, gender and general skill levels. Many a student has found the inspiration for a life-long pursuit of sport and recreation from direction and encouragement gained through curriculum units taught at Pembroke School.

We fully recognise the need to promote the health and well-being of the young people in our care, requiring active participation in Physical Education classes up to Year 10. Motivation and ability levels can vary greatly, therefore an effective program must ideally cater for the individual needs of each student.

In the senior years interested students have the opportunity to continue their involvement in both academic programs. In the SACE, Outdoor Education (relevant Vocational Education and Training components are included), Health, Nutrition and Physical Education are offered. In the IB Diploma program, Sports, Exercise and Health Science. The high number of students engaging in such subjects is impressive, indicating the success of the strategies and programs that are currently in place.

Health, Nutrition, Outdoor Education and Physical Education are popular subjects because, in the view of students, they have intrinsic value, providing skills which are profitable, relevant and practical. For example, students engaged in our Outdoor Education program develop a passion for the Australian bush, exploring, paddling, climbing and trekking as recreational pursuits for years to come.

Success in Physical Education and Outdoor Education is best measured by the ability of each subject to promote a healthy and positive lifestyle both during and beyond the school years. Pembroke School values the importance of teacher-student relations and the significance of teachers as role models in affecting student participation and success in these areas.