Temporary Relief Teacher Applications

To register for Temporary Relief Teacher (TRT) positions at Pembroke School, please complete the following form and submit with the following PDF documents:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Teachers Registration Certificate
  • Responding to Abuse and Neglect Certificate (for the current period)
  • Current First Aid CertificateĀ 
  • Birth certificate, current passport or Visa (to confirm eligibility to work in Australia)
  • Graduate teachers please submit Academic Transcripts and Teaching Practicum Report(s)

Your application will be received by:

Mrs Sandy Ellis
Middle and Senior School Reliefs Coordinator
Personal & HR Assistant to Deputy Principal
Phone: +61 8 8366 7082
Email: jobs@pembroke.sa.edu.au

Please read ourĀ Privacy Act - Employment Collection.

* denotes a compulsory field

Please indicate the days you are available:
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Please indicate your preferred Year Levels:
Junior School
Middle School
Senior School
Specialist Area(s)
Please provide copies of the relevant documents to accompany your TRT application form: