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To register for Temporary Relief Teacher (TRT) positions at Pembroke School, please complete the following form and submit with the following PDF documents:

  • Cover Letter and Curriculum Vitae
  • Graduate teachers please submit Academic Transcripts and Teaching Practicum Report(s)

Upon employment you will be asked to provide the following documents:

  • Teachers Registration Certificate
  • Responding to Risks of Harm, Abuse and Neglect – Education and Care (RRHAN-EC) Certificate (for the current period)
  • Current First Aid Certificate
  • Birth certificate, current passport or Visa (to confirm eligibility to work in Australia)
  • Working with Children Check

Your application will be received by:

Ms Sandy Luong
Middle and Senior School Reliefs Coordinator
Executive Assistant to Deputy Principal
Phone: +61 8 8366 7082

Mrs Nicki May
Junior School Reliefs Coordinator
Junior School Coordinator of Learning and Teaching
Phone: +61 8 8366 6259

Please read our Privacy Act – Employment Collection.

Are you currently registered with the Teachers Registration Board of South Australia?  
Have you ever been charged with a criminal offence?  
Evidence of a criminal history, that may be unrelated to any risk of harm to children, will not automatically preclude a person from being or remaining employed. Have you ever been dismissed, disciplined or resigned from any employment, consultancy or voluntary activity following allegations that you were involved in improper conduct of a sexual nature or otherwise with a student or child?  

Please refer to our Child Protection Policy.

Will you be able to satisfy child protection screening and adhere to the School’s Child Protection Policy?

Please indicate the days you are available:


Please indicate your preferred Year Levels:

Junior School
Middle School
Senior School

Specialist Area(s)



Please provide two referees that are able to comment on your skills in relation to the selection criteria:

Referee 1

Referee 2

Please provide copies of the relevant documents to accompany your TRT application form:


Declaration by applicant

I declare:

a) The answers to the foregoing are to the best of my knowledge true and correct in every way.

b) If my application for relief teaching is successful I will be bound by and will at all times observe and respect such terms and conditions of my employment and such policies and rules as may from time to time be promulgated, specified or otherwise stipulated by my employer.