Shipsters Road Project Donations

How to Donate to the Shipsters Road Project

Please select from one of the following options to make a donation that best suits your circumstances.

Option One
To make an immediate tax deductible donation via the Pembroke Building Fund - Shipsters Road Project, click here and select Building Fund - Shipsters Road Project from the dropdown menu. You can make an immediate payment through our secure online payment option.

Alternatively, make cheques payable to Pembroke Public Ancillary Fund and post to Pembroke School Foundation Director, 342 The Parade KENSINGTON PARK South Australia 5068.

Option Two
To register a Pledge supporting the Shipsters Road Project, complete the following form. A Pledge allows you the option to nominate a donation amount that you will pay by installments over a period of time up to five years. A Pledge will be directed to the Building Fund and is therefore tax deductible.

Register Your Pledge to Support the Shipsters Road Project

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For further information about donations supporting the Shipsters Road Project, please contact Amanda Bourchier, Pembroke School Foundation Director, or telephone +61 8 8366 6830.