Year 9 History: First World War Research Competition

Each semester Year 9 History students take part in an internal competition in which they are required to research the life and wartime experiences of an Australian ‘Digger’ who fought and died on the Western Front in the First World War.

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Last Updated: 23/11/2017 8:51am


Year 10 Commerce

An annual highlight of the Year 10 Commerce course is the Running an Enterprise activity. This experiential learning activity tasks students with conceiving a business concept and pitching it to our own Pembroke-flavoured ‘Shark Tank’. Participating groups conduct market research and a costing analysis before ultimately trading at the market...

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Poetry In Action

In spite of preoccupation, by some, with the digital world, the immediacy of the live, spoken word still has the power to affect and engage. At all year levels visiting performers and writers present to our students, as part of their English program, in a live forum.

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Grandparents Day

On Friday 15 September grandparents and grandfriends flooded into the Pavilion near Haslam Oval for the annual Grandparents Day. This event gives grandparents the chance to visit Pembroke and spend some time with their grandchildren and learn more about their school.After the Year 7 students had joined their grandparents Mr...

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Boarders can never say they are bored at Pembroke School—there is always something fun to do. From the very start of the School year, activities are constantly on offer for boarders to participate in.

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Reconciliation Action Plan

In our world today, media headlines continually highlight the urgent need for increased cultural understanding, empathy and unity, both on a global level and within Australia. In Australia, our attention should be drawn to the rich cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, while also recognising the impact of...

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Winter Sport

The winter season has recently concluded and once again Pembroke School was proudly represented in a range of sporting activities, fielding teams in 14 different winter sports. As one of the most diverse sporting programs offered by any Adelaide school, it provides all students with the opportunity to experience the...

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Girls Sport

I would like to commend the girls who represented Pembroke during the winter Sport season for their enthusiastic and committed approach. Through rain, hail and shine the girls approached their sport with enthusiasm and purpose, and it was a pleasure to see so many of them enjoying the camaraderie of...

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Literature Tour

At 7 pm on 1 July 19 excitable students arrived at Adelaide airport ready to undertake a journey of epic proportions. We arrived in Edinburgh, Scotland, 22 hours later, jetlagged but more than ready to experience some of Europe’s best literary attractions.

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Cricket Tour

Surely there is no better way to explore the English countryside than to travel from one picturesque oval to another playing cricket. The 2017 squad enjoyed another successful tour of the ‘old country’, matching our abilities against a range of opposition over 11 matches.

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