Outdoor Education

During Term 1 the Year 10 students have been undertaking their Outdoor Education Journey. This is the pinnacle of the Middle School Outdoor Education program and sees the students exploring the Finniss River, Murray River, Lake Alexandrina and Coorong National Park by kayak and ketch.

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Pembroke Connect Program

The Pembroke Connect Program commenced in Term 1, 2017, catering for international and indigenous students for whom English is their second language and who are in need of an immersive English program prior to transitioning to mainstream classes.

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IB Diploma Awards Ceremony 2017

The IB Diploma Awards Ceremony takes place to recognise the graduates from Adelaide’s nine IB Diploma schools who have distinguished themselves in their IB Diploma studies; this year the ceremony was held at the Adelaide Town Hall on 6 February.

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Geography Field Trip to Kangaroo Island

Early in Term 1 a group of intrepid Year 12 IB Geography students set off on the inaugural Kangaroo Island fieldwork trip. The purpose of this camp was to explore the characteristics of tourism on the island and the ways in which tourism has impacted key visitor sites as well...

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Indigenous Students Leadership Camp

The Indigenous Students Leadership Camp is always a highlight at the start of each school year. Having spent most of our time on or in the water on our last camp, this time we went underground.

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House Swimming Carnival

The Middle School House Swimming Carnival was held on Wednesday 15 March for the third time at the recently built SA Aquatic and Leisure Centre.

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Success at Schools Triathlon

On 22 February Pembroke took 36 students down to West Lakes to compete in the Schools Team and Individual Triathlon competition. Other than a little wind, conditions were perfect and our individual athletes were underway shortly after 9 am.

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VALE - Liz Williams 1942-2017

I want to make beautiful work. I want to make work that’s inspiring. There is enough ugliness in the world. I don’t really want to reflect on that in my work. I want to reflect on something that takes you beyond that. Liz Williams 2016

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