Book Week

What an amazing and busy time we had in the Library over the first half of Term 3, culminating in Book Week in Week 5. All classes were lucky enough to participate in workshops with the award-winning author Janeen Brian.

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Science Week

National Science Week was celebrated in many ways in the Junior School this year. The theme was Robotics and throughout the week all classes were involved in various robotics activities. They explored programming through coding, and used numerous problem-solving skills using Beebots, Bluebots and NXT robots.

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Spanish Week

This year we had several activities in Term 2 as a lead-up for Spanish Week in Term 3. We began with ‘word of the week’, focusing on one simple word or phrase in Spanish that is used frequently in everyday school life.

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Celebrating 40 Years of the Hearing Unit

On Friday 26 August Pembroke School celebrated 40 years since the Hearing Unit was founded. Hearing Unit old scholar Alastair McEwin addressed the Senior School assembly. All current Hearing Unit students from each sub-school attended as well as several old scholars and past teaching staff of the unit.

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Foundation Development

The concept and images of the Middle School Development – Shipsters Road Project have been circulating throughout the Pembroke community for several weeks, and the philosophy that ‘ideas matter’ has encouraged important conversations. The possibilities of having a living, breathing building to facilitate such exciting opportunities for our students and...

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From the Principal - October News

There is a buzz at Pembroke.Pembroke has launched the first stage of the Facilities Master Plan. It is called the Shipsters Road Project and Middle School Redevelopment. When completed the proposed development will include a new and wonderful facility on the site of 3 Shipsters Road: a refurbishment of the...

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GRIP Student Leadership Conference

This conference is held around Australia each year for student leaders. Our eight Pembroke Junior School House Captains joined nearly 1,000 primary school leaders from all corners of South Australia at the Entertainment Centre on 8 March.

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Junior School Police Visit

This term the Receptions have been learning about being responsible. To help us explore this concept we visited the SAPOL Road Safety Centre in Thebarton in Week 4. It was here that Senior Constable Matt guided us through various rules for when we are pedestrians on the footpath and taught...

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Year 6 Camp

On Tuesday 1 March 2016 all the Year 6s travelled to Canberra by plane for three eventful days. This camp was linked to our inquiry unit on Democracy, ‘How we Organise Ourselves’.

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Junior School Drama

Earlier this term the students in Reception, Year 3 and Year 6 were fortunate to be visited by Owen Love during their Drama lessons. Owen is a storyteller of the Ngarrindjeri people and he taught us a little about his culture and beliefs.

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