From the Principal

31 May 2018

Taken from Thursday Times, T2 W5, 2018

Dear Parents

After six years of exceptional service as Chair of the Pembroke School Board and 15 years involvement in governance at Pembroke, Mrs Elizabeth Game’s tenure as Chair of the Board is completed today, Thursday 31 May 2018.

Elizabeth was first elected to the School Board by the Trustees in 2003 and has been Chair since July 2012. She is a parent of four old scholars, currently works as a medical practice manager and is a former lawyer and teacher. Elizabeth is a Foundation Benefactor, member and past Chair of the Board Governance Committee, past member and Chair of the Education Advisory Committee and a past member of the former Community Relations Committee. She has been a member of both the Rowing Parents' Association and the Drama Forum.

Elizabeth has been an exceptional Chair and has provided wonderful support to the Board and the School. You will have seen her at many events and activities over the last six years, and her support of the Principal and staff at the School has been nothing short of outstanding.

For those of you who have benefitted from Elizabeth’s support and involvement in the life of the School, please feel free to let her know how much it has been appreciated.

At the Pembroke School AGM on 28 May 2018, it was announced that the Board has elected Mrs Jane Miller as Elizabeth’s successor as Chair of the Pembroke School Board. All the Board and I are very excited about Jane’s election.

Jane was appointed to the Board by the Pembroke Old Scholars’ Association in 2014. She is an old scholar and a parent of three current students. Jane is a Partner at Tindall Gask Bentley Lawyers and an Accredited Specialist in Family Law. She is a Foundation Fellow, a member of the Board Governance Committee and of the Pembroke Old Scholars’ Association Committee. Jane is a member of the Advertiser’s Family Forum panel and was a 2011 finalist in the Telstra Business Woman Awards.

Jane will be introduced to students at sub-school assemblies over the coming week. This is a good opportunity to explain the role of governance in the School to students as well as to introduce Jane to our student community.

I know you will enjoy meeting and welcoming Jane as Chair of the Pembroke School Board.

All the best

Luke Thomson

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