From the Principal

16 May 2019

This week is National Boarding Week. We highlight our boarders, their lives and involvement in all manner of activities. We are running assembly presentations, planned activities and sleepovers to encourage all in the community to understand and appreciate our boarding community. They are a unique group. Across the whole of Australia there are currently 11,332 boy and 9,318 girl boarders. 13,103 of those are remote/and or rural; 3,361 are indigenous and 2,229 from overseas. It may also interest you to know that 51% of boarding schools in Australia are co-educational and 21% boys only and 28% girls only. There are 190 boarding schools in Australia overall. Pembroke has a long history in boarding that begins at Girton and King’s. The boarders have a full life at School and whenever the “week that was boarding” is presented to the P&F they are always astounded by just how many activities the boarders undertake in each month.

I spent Saturday morning with a number of colleagues watching the installation of the Bridge over Shipsters. There is no doubt it is an impressive sight. You begin to feel the impact the new building will have on King’s Campus and Pembroke now that the connection between the building and King’s Campus has been made. Students are buzzing about the new addition and I can’t wait to see the look on their faces when they venture across it.

Mother’s Day lunch was a triumph. There were over 300 in attendance at the Adelaide Oval. All there were inspired by a fashion parade, addresses on domestic violence against women, Yellow Submarine Too, and one another’s company. The MC was Ms Heggen, mother and broadcaster, who did a fantastic job keeping the whole event moving along in a wonderful way. The auction items were sold at profit and clothes, jewellery, holidays and flowers were won in raffles, as table prizes and lucky seats. It is not surprising this event sells out in weeks! It’s a wonderful community gathering. You really do need to be quick to book a seat and table.

While I am very conspicuous on this occasion as the only male present, it is a great opportunity for me to offer thanks to all the mothers and grandmothers of Pembroke. I thank them for their remarkable contribution to the life of Pembroke, to their children and grandchildren and to the impact they have on us all on a daily basis. I do this on behalf of the whole School community.

You can imagine the work and preparation that goes into the success of such an event and I would once again like to thank the Friends of Pembroke Committee and to their now merged close relative, the Parents’ and Friends’ Committee. The sub-committee who worked on the Mother’s Day Lunch specifically, are to be commended for their incredible effort. Bravo to all!

On the matter of key events I would also like to remind all that the Spring Festival which is now modified to be called the Pembroke Producers Market Day is on track to be a stunning event. It is really the Spring Festival without rides and fireworks. While it is based in the Middle School area, it is still a whole School event and you will be reading calls for stall items to be made ready for the day. Please contribute. You will enjoy the community feel of the day and also the incredible food, clothes, craft, and other produce from the Pembroke Community.

I am currently conducting Year 10 interviews. They are really interesting and, like always, proving an important opportunity for dialogue and feedback for me and, hopefully, the students.

I look forward to communicating more great Pembroke experiences in the next Thursday Times report.

All the best

Luke Thomson