From the Principal (Thursday Times, T1 W1, 2017)

2 February 2017

Dear Parents

Welcome to Pembroke for the 2017 year. There is always great excitement at the beginning of the year. New books, pens and devices! People to meet, friends to meet again, resolutions to grasp the nettle and do better this year, and so on….

For all who work in schools it is a time we cherish. Every beginning of the year promises all sorts of opportunities. It is also a moment we delight in the fact that education, teaching, and learning, is exciting and interesting. Students love exploring the new and the old and each new year offers both. There are important things to learn and to be known.

I hope you all had a great break. There were a number of programmes for Pembroke students over the vacation. The Surf Safari was a great success as was the commitment to maintaining fitness and skills for our rowing crews. I would like to thank all those involved in supporting our students during the vacation, including those on exchange to Germany.

The School has not been idle. A great deal of work has been undertaken to develop new facilities and redevelop the old into new and excellent spaces. The grounds, maintenance, gardening and administration staff have been busy coordinating and managing all this work ready for 2017. The Junior School ropes look spectacular, the Senior School nurse’s room is great as is the new IT help servery, the Middle School classrooms feel lighter and a number of offices have been refurbished and improved. The Old Watulunga facility is well and truly underway as is the accompanying sustainable and working garden and chook precinct. The boarding houses have benefitted from upgrades and new furniture.

The focus of our major capital developments will be 3 Shipsters Road. Maintaining momentum on this wonderful facility is very important and as you know will provide extraordinary opportunities for the King’s Campus and all those who inhabit it. Currently we await final planning approvals.

In this first week I look forward to meeting with new parents to the School. I also very much look forward to the induction of our student leaders across the School. Over the next few weeks I will attend the SACE and IB merit ceremonies and along with many parents and students offering congratulations to our remarkable 2016 student cohort.

In the next few weeks you will receive our special edition of Pembroke Newsbreak which will outline our Year 12, 2016 results in greater detail. We hold off much of our communication of results until remarks have been completed and university offers are better understood. In this way you get more than headline information and a better sense of how the cohort fared overall. I can reveal that it was a terrific year across the board. There are some basic details on the website for those who can’t wait.

May I remind you that there are many opportunities for parents to be involved in the life of Pembroke. The very active Parents and Friends, the Friends of Pembroke, sporting and co-curricular parent committees and reading in the Junior School are all excellent avenues. You will hear more from parent class reps in the near future and your support is most welcome.

Welcome again and I wish you all the very best for the year ahead. There is much to look forward to and I do hope the year is an excellent one for you.

With my best wishes

Luke Thomson

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