The Shipsters Road Project
The Principal, Luke Thomson, has described the first part of 2017 as a time of quiet excitement and enormous gratitude. This was echoed by Foundation Director Amanda Bourchier in an opening welcome to donors at the Shipsters Road Supporters event in March. There is a growing sense of progress which can only be realised by working together. Donors surrounded the model of the Shipsters Road Project (made by a University of South Australia student) while Luke Thomson provided an update on the project’s progress, noting that planning approval is currently being sought via the State Development Commission.

From the many staff involved in creating possible scenarios of ‘what can be possible’ in the Shipsters Road building, to parents who have for the first time contributed to the Building Fund, there is a powerful sense of the bigger picture which continues to strengthen the future of education at Pembroke.

With similar vigour the Capital Campaign Team has continued to function at a high level. We are privileged to have a busy, committed and very hardworking group of current and past parents communicating up-to-date details and important information about the Shipsters Road Project across the School community. The Capital Campaign Team are happily answering an infinite range of queries; for example, why we need a Capital Campaign and how the students will benefit, along with all the different ways in which the community can support the School, both now and in the future.
Resting on the School’s Aims, the Shipsters Road Project projects Pembroke further into connecting with the world of learning, enterprise and innovation. Just as ‘ideas matter’, the community matters, and with an interested and proactive community assisting in whatever way they can, the hard yards associated with bringing big ideas to fruition shift in an energised, collaborative quest.

Pembroke Producers
It seems that not a week has gone by in 2017 without reference being made to the Pembroke Producers. Requests continue to pop up for recipes for the homemade produce that graced the stall at the 2016 Parents and Friends Spring Festival, and discussions on weather conditions and harvest yields are now had with a new recognition and appreciation of where different Pembroke families live and how they spend their days. 

The muster of Pembroke Producers at the very successful festival was outstanding; crates of fresh fruit and vegetables, lamb, beef, pasta, sauces, jams, chutneys, cheese, nuts, wine and coffee were among the abundant and impressive displays.

Thank you again to all producers in the Pembroke community for your generosity in donating truly fine produce and for joining the Pembroke Producers network. We are close to announcing the next phase of Pembroke Producers and preparing for another event later in 2017.

Old Watulunga
Pembroke School’s own patch of productive potential, Old Watulunga, continues to grow, with construction of the Environmental Learning Centre, our first building entirely funded through Pembroke community support, nearing completion. The new commercial kitchen and indoor and outdoor dining areas create a multipurpose centre for the busy Outdoor Education programs enjoyed year-round by our students. It is also expected to be in demand for community events.

The Garden of Earthly Delights situated adjacent to the new Environmental Learning Centre continues to flourish, providing an excellent educational platform for students. Manager David Nelson’s broad and expert knowledge and superb craftsmanship are reflected in every aspect of the garden. We look forward to inviting Pembroke Producers and supporters to tour Old Watulunga later this year.

Endowment Fund
The Pembroke Endowment Fund attracts donations that allow us to support many student activities and initiatives across the School through the Foundation Grants program. We are most grateful to our regular donors for your non-tax-deductible donations to this fund in support of Pembroke students.

Approved grants for 2017 include:
Endowed Speech Night Prizes and Awards
The Generations In Jazz Music Tour
The Indigenous Education Program
The Marree Aboriginal School / Pembroke School Exchange
The Parents and Friends Association Ball – Early Bird Prize
The Pembroke School Indigenous Round Sports Week
The Unreel Film-making Program
The Visual Arts Exhibition Program
The Year 12 Margaret Bennett SACE and IB Art Awards

We sincerely thank and acknowledge all members of the Pembroke community who continue to donate in support of Pembroke School students via in-kind support, one-off donations or by pledging to spread your donation over several years. 

Many opportunities exist to support the School via funds offering both tax deductions for donations and non-deductible gifts:
The Pembroke Building Fund (tax deductible)
Pembroke Endowment Fund
Pembroke Cultural Trust
Pembroke Scholarship Fund (tax deductible
Pembroke Exceptional Circumstances Fund (tax deductible)
Pembroke Library Fund (tax deductible)

Ms Bourchier
Foundation Director

2016 Leavers – Alumni Donation
We sincerely thank the following parents and guardians of 2016 Leavers who have generously donated their enrolment deposit in their child’s name. All 2016 alumni donations (tax deductible) will be applied directly to the Shipsters Road Project Capital Campaign. We look forward to acknowledging your support and to welcoming you and your children back as donors to tour this amazing facility upon completion.

2016 Year 12 Leavers Donations
Mr D.W. Beger and Ms E. Marinucci
Mr A.P. and Mrs M.C. Bond
Mrs C.S. and Mr D.C. Boorman
Mrs M.S. and Mr A.J. Braggs
Mrs V.L. Burns and Mr M.P. Burns
Mrs O.M. Caon and Mr D. Caon
Mrs K.A. and Dr S.A. Carruthers
Ms S.K. Cretan
Ms J.L. Crowhurst
Dr N. Douvartzidis and Ms P.M. Ross
Mr M.J. and Mrs L.A. Fienemann
Mr Z. Han and Mrs K. Cheng
Mr S.J. and Mrs S.E. Hatcher
Mr G.A. and Mrs A. Heynen
Mr J.P. and Mrs K.M. Holland
Mr P.J. and Mrs C.R. Holmes
Dr P. Horton and Dr A. Pring
Dr C.O. Jackson and Ms A. King
Mr M.A. and Mrs K. Kuchel
Dr J.L. and Dr J.S. Linn
Ms X. Liu and Mr D. Li
Mr G. Marini
Mrs M.A. and Mr A.D. McInnes
Mr W.G. and Mrs S.L. Natt
Mr S.J. and Mrs K.M. Pengelly
Mr D. and Ms T. Pham
Ms M.L. Pippos
Mrs R. and Mr F. Rasheed
Mr P.M. and Mrs G.L. Read
Dr W.W. and Dr J.E. Richards
Mr G.T. and Mrs T.C. Sampson
Ms R. Soon and Mr Y. Chin
Mrs A. Turner and Mr I.A. Turner
Mrs K.A. and Dr R. Van Dissel
Mrs N. Wang and Mr X. Sun
Dr S. Wang and Dr X. Song
Mr M.J. and Mrs M.M. Wundenberg

Our hardworking and enthusiastic Capital Campaign and Development teams are ready to answer any questions you may have in relation to The Shipsters Road Project.

Capital Campaign Team
Mr Nick Ross
Mrs A Naylor
Mrs K Carruthers
Mr P Shute
Mrs K Carrocci
Mrs F Tam
Mr S Elvish
Dr J Teo
Mrs P Mills
Mrs J Zhu
Development Team
Ms A Bourchier
Mrs S Williams
Mrs C Holmes

If you are interested in joining the Capital Campaign Team, Pembroke Producers or Pembroke Foundation, or would like to know more about the ways in which you can be involved in Pembroke community development, please email or phone the Development Office on +61 8 8366 6830.