From the Principal - February News

February Newsbreak provides an opportunity for Pembroke to chronicle our Year 12 results. Some in the community have asked me why we don’t communicate this information earlier, particularly as many other schools seem to make their results available on websites almost minutes after they are published. There are many sensible reasons why we do not.

Results are very important. To Pembroke they are not important as a marketing tool but as a reflection on the very real and personal challenges that students, staff and parents contend with in Year 12. Members of staff at the School consider all the students in detail, regardless of their final score, and determine how they have progressed in relation to the goals and aspirations they have set themselves. This takes some time.

This in my view is respectful and appropriate. It means that we celebrate a student achievement that may appear as a low ATAR but is in fact a high achievement because it represents a personal best result or a remarkable effort, just as we celebrate a very high ATAR.

Any public communication of results without a complete picture of post-School destinations is premature. We like to report the complete picture, as much as we are able and after the first and second rounds of university offers if possible. It seems a very good place to start. It is important for the community to know that students are fulfilling their ambitions in regard to university or other post-School preferences.

You will see in this publication that our results were terrific. Two of our students are the proud recipients of a Governor of South Australia Commendation, eight of our students received the highest ATAR possible and one a perfect score in the IB, and our average performance compared favorably with our historic achievements. There was a pleasing increase in A Grade results, particularly in the number of students scoring over ATAR 95, and a fine array of diverse courses were completed including a record number of students undertaking vocational courses (VET) to complement their interests and ambitions beyond school.

We are an outstanding academic institution by our own and comparative measures, and our ability to maintain a healthy attitude to Year 12 by not narrowing our thinking to results alone helps us to be so. We try to focus on all individual efforts and achievements and my heartiest congratulations go to all the Year 12 students for their incredible efforts last year. Equally, I acknowledge the wonderful, experienced and hardworking teaching staff and very supportive parents who also have a significant impact on all student success.

You should enjoy reading about the individual and collective achievements of our Year 12s in 2015. It was a fabulous year.

Mr Thomson

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