From the Principal - October News

There is a buzz at Pembroke.
Pembroke has launched the first stage of the Facilities Master Plan. It is called the Shipsters Road Project and Middle School Redevelopment. When completed the proposed development will include a new and wonderful facility on the site of 3 Shipsters Road: a refurbishment of the existing Science, Technology and Art rooms at King’s; a pedestrian bridge across Shipsters Road linking the two sites; and new landscaped recreation spaces for students at King’s. In addition, Middle School Music will be consolidated into the Kensington Oval Grandstand, and Drama and Film in the Middle School will be moved into classrooms adjacent to and directly below Wright Hall. It all makes great sense. The project allows a very positive ‘flow on’ impact to our existing facilities.

Science, Technology, Design and Art in the Middle School will be reconceived in one three-storey building at 3 Shipsters Road. The architecture is bold and heralds a future full of exciting and promising teaching and learning programs. There are two distinct educational imperatives driving the scale and scope of this new building. The first is ‘bringing the world in’, and the second is that ‘ideas matter’.

At Pembroke we accept the challenges presented by a rapidly changing world and we wish to view the future in a confident setting where those challenges are discernible and relevant to students. We have learned that predictions, especially as they relate to education, are increasingly vulnerable to both overstatement and generalisations. While the future presents uncertainties, we believe that it is also accessible. To address how we meet those challenges, a sensible and realistic possibility is to bring the world in to Pembroke. We wish to allow our students and staff to experience firsthand those people in our community who are responding to the changing nature of the world, and to bring their research and business know-how to a new residency program.

For over 30 years Pembroke has demonstrated such an approach through our Artist in Residence program, which exposes students and staff to professional artists each year. They are role models of advanced and sophisticated skills that are at once inspiring and revealing, and at all times responsive to a changing world. When our students experience this program, seeing becomes believing, engaging becomes knowing and inspiration becomes aspiration. The model works and works well, and keeps us in touch with the world of art beyond our school walls.

We wish to extend that proven idea further. A Research, Business and Entrepreneur in Residence program will be created and accommodated in the new building at 3 Shipsters Road. The design of each storey will include locating practising research, business and entrepreneurial interests within enterprise spaces. Each enterprise space will mirror the academic field studied by students on each floor—where every idea mirrors the matter of learning.

Resident enterprise personnel will mentor, role-model and challenge students and teachers about the reality of making ideas matter within and beyond the school setting. For ideas to matter and to be well understood, we wish to blend the theoretical understanding that students gain in Science, Technology, Design and Art with the practical expression of their ideas in the world beyond them. How do ideas matter beyond school as research, products and services, and what role does entrepreneurship play in their initial and sustained development? This is an important question for our current and future generations of students.

Students will be challenged to understand that responses to the ideas they study also require an appreciation of the relationship between subject disciplines. It is the relationship between research in technology and science, for example, that makes laser surgery possible; likewise, architecture is born from the connection between art, design and technology; and renewable energy is produced when ideas from technology and science are subjected to creative impulses to meet the demands of a new future.

The atmosphere and qualities of the centre will act as catalysts for discussion, debate, enquiry and collaboration. It is our hope that the building will inspire students to be artists, engineers, scientists and artisans of all descriptions. The centre will extend its functionality to include flexible and static exhibition, enterprise and collaboration spaces. There will be community workshops for the manufacture of significant machinery including pedal prix, solar and electric vehicles. The building will be a living educational space with exposed services, solar and water capture, and examples of environmentally sustainable products and services. The fabric of the centre will breathe with educational opportunities. It will be a beacon for students and staff, encouraging them into cross-curricular engagement in the Middle School. It will stimulate us to meet the practical and theoretical challenges of transforming ideas into research, business and entrepreneurial skills.

The building on the site of 3 Shipsters Road will include Technology, Digital Technology and Design.

On the ground floor:
• four design laboratories
• technology workshops
• machine workshops for metalwork, woodwork and multidisciplinary studies
• a mechanical workshop for the design and construction of alternative energy vehicles
• an enterprise space for an associated business

Science on level one:
• six dedicated laboratories
• teaching and learning spaces
• an outdoor deck with roof garden and green-wall integration to educate students in ecological systems and their relationship to building spaces
• flexible floor space for student and staff an enterprise space for an associated science research interest

Art on level two:
• five art studios
• an area for pottery and clay works
• a digital suite
• an outdoor courtyard with views of Adelaide and surrounding country
• exhibition spaces for revolving and static presentation of diverse pieces of artwork
• an enterprise space for practising artists.

More than 100 years of combined Girton, King’s and Pembroke history affirms that the soul of our School centres on people. Our principal belief is that when we seek to deepen and broaden individuals’ educational opportunities, they in turn embrace their future confident that ideas matter, and matter in the most marvellous and unexpected ways. Our new project intentionally deepens and broadens students’ educational experiences.

Mr Thomson

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