GRIP Leadership Conference

The GRIP Leadership Conference is run across Australia each year for student leaders. Our eight Year 6 House Captains joined nearly 800 primary school leaders from all corners of South Australia at the Entertainment Centre on Tuesday 7 February. They were taken through a series of sessions, many of which were interactive.

This year there were four main focus areas:

Leadership strengths
Leadership is not about using a position, but rather about using strengths (your own and others’; and recognising your own weaknesses). Drawing on the strengths of individuals builds a stronger team.

Taking responsibility by
• role-modelling values
• upholding the trust of others
• responding to needs
• developing your own strengths.

Thinking outside the box—ideas for service
House Captains came up with a list of ideas for service to peers, teachers and community.

Putting ideas into action
House Captains are working through this process on some of their ideas for service.
A = Agree on an idea
C = Create a proposal
T = Talk widely (spread the word—promotional)
I = Identify tasks (what to be done)
O = Organise roles (by whom)
N = Navigate challenges

Students reflected on why they enjoy being a leader and how they hope to grow in their leadership skills. As a follow-up activity the House Captains presented a brief report at our Junior School Assembly, and have also undertaken activities from the conference with their peers to share the learning.

Ms Shadiac
Assistant Head of Junior School