IB Diploma Awards Ceremony 2017

The IB Diploma Awards Ceremony takes place to recognise the graduates from Adelaide’s nine IB Diploma schools who have distinguished themselves in their IB Diploma studies; this year the ceremony was held at the Adelaide Town Hall on 6 February.

Diana Medlin, the first Principal of Pembroke School (1974–90), was a distinguished educator who introduced the IB Diploma in 1989, making Pembroke the first IB Diploma Programme (DP) school in South Australia. The Diana Medlin Lecture is delivered at the awards ceremony by a speaker chosen by the host school, and it honours her vision and commitment to a high-quality, globally recognised pre-university education that ‘aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect’ (IB mission statement).

Our entire group of graduates from 2016 did Pembroke, their families and their teachers very proud. It was extremely gratifying to see 31 students (of 47) invited to the awards ceremony, with 13 students being awarded a certificate of distinction for achieving an overall score of at least 40/45 and another 18 achieving at least one certificate of merit for a subject score of 7. Altogether, Pembroke students achieved 75 merits, which was outstanding.

Graduates are congratulated in order of their achievements. In fact, 5 Pembroke students featured among the first 10 called onto the stage, with Shien Wenn Sam and Nicholas Bradman achieving 45, Ray Ren and Yingtong Li achieving 44, and Julia Cretan achieving 43. Nicholas and Julia were also honoured for achieving two As in both Theory of Knowledge and Extended Essay.

Families and teachers also attended the ceremony and enjoyed drinks in the foyer following the ceremony, which marked a very proud final get-together for our wonderful IB DP students of 2016.

Mrs Walldorf-Davis
Head of IB