Junior School Ski Trip

An eager group of 51 Year 6 students set off excitedly for Mt Buller on the morning of 17 July. After a pleasant flight and a 3-hour bus trip, we arrived at Mt Buller. The first night was spent picking up our ski gear, going through the rules of the trip and listening to a ski safety talk by the Ski Patrol.

The first skiing day began at 8.30 am with a 90-minute ski lesson. The remainder of the day for the beginners was spent honing the skills taught in the lesson, while the more experienced skiers set off to explore more of the mountain with their staff leader. The day itself developed into a rainy affair and by 4 pm we were all completely soaked but still excited by the day’s activities. Monday night was the first gym night, with a girls-only night while the boys relaxed back at the lodge with a movie.

Tuesday was a great day on the slopes because all the very beginners had successfully negotiated the skills of a ski lift and were all up and running. The improvement on that day by all the skiers was remarkable. Later, the Alpine Institute Gym hosted a boys-only night while the girls remained at the lodge.

Wednesday was another quite warm day and included the SA Snowsports Championships. The whole day was spent skiing until 4.45 pm when we ventured to Uncle Pat’s café in the village for a hearty meal. This was followed by 2 hours of night skiing with a highlight being the lantern run in complete darkness to raise funds for the Leukaemia Foundation. Wednesday produced nearly 8 hours of skiing!!

The rain returned on Thursday but it did not dampen the spirits of the whole group as they now were confident and competent skiers and enjoyed being out there with staff and peers alike. However, this turned out to be our final day on the slopes as heavy rain and strong winds affected skiing on Friday morning.

Our final day included a movie at the Alpine Institute Cinema followed by a bus trip to the airport and our flight home.

The Year 6 students had a fantastic time. Staff too enjoyed every minute of the trip and we were well fed by our caterer Mr Salt and helpful staff.

The group brought home the Primary Schools’ Girls and Boys trophies for the Snowsports, and they are now proudly displayed in the School’s trophy cabinet. Many of the students also received individual and team medals for their efforts. Overall, it was a huge team effort by all.

Mr Howard
Ski Trip Coordinator

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