Outdoor Education Camp

Throughout the duration of Week 5 in Term 1 both Year 12 Outdoor Education classes were lucky enough to visit Kangaroo Island to commence one of our three expeditions for the year. The main purpose of this expedition was to use the snorkelling skills learnt at Port Noarlunga beach during our weekly practicals and apply them to the dives conducted at several locations on Kangaroo Island. Our other focus was to identify several South Australian marine species during our dives at a number of beaches, such as King George and Stokes Bay. An amazing aspect of the trip for students was swimming with the glorious bottlenose dolphins at Western River Cove, as well as the eagle ray at Stokes Bay. To have the opportunity to dive at these secluded locations felt special, and it was also comforting to know that these environments are being thoroughly taken care of as there was no lack of marine life.

The classes camped at sites including Flinders Chase National Park and Stokes Bay, both within 30 minutes’ drive from dive locations. Each day consisted of an average of two dives, which entailed individual class members leading the dive and instructing fellow students. Dives were not pre-planned; instead we chose the dive locations each morning depending on weather patterns and conditions. All dives had a goal, whether it was to identify a new species or to work on our diving technique. We were fortunate enough to observe and swim with species such as the zebra fish, horseshoe leatherjacket, bullseye, old wife, blue devil, boarfish, southern rock lobster and many more.

For all the students this was an unforgettable experience, diving at some of the most beautiful locations in South Australia. This expedition was an excellent chance to show initiative and organisational skills in order to prepare ourselves for the self-reliant expedition in the latter part of the year.

(Yr 12)