Pembroke Connect Program

The Pembroke Connect Program commenced in Term 1, 2017, catering for international and indigenous students for whom English is their second language and who are in need of an immersive English program prior to transitioning to mainstream classes. The program is focused on students entering Years 7 – 10 and is based in the Middle School.

The School welcomes David Freesmith as the specialist teacher of this program, with Mim Barnard (Coordinator of International Students) coordinating and teaching, and Emily Davis (Coordinator of Indigenous Students) also teaching in the program.

Ten students began the program at the commencement of the school year. They attend specialist English classes as well as one mainstream subject and PE lessons. In addition to preparing students for the English demands of mainstream classes the benefits of offering this course include a sense of belonging to the Pembroke community as well as feeling integrated and supported into existing programs at the School. The students also attend House activities and are involved in Pembroke’s sporting and other co-curricular programs.

Already we can see that the students have transitioned well into their new learning environment and are enjoying all aspects of a Pembroke education. In a small group they are engaging in a range of carefully structured language and learning activities to optimise their English language competencies, as well as building their confidence to assist in ultimately transitioning into mainstream Pembroke classes.

Mrs Barnard
Coordinator of International Students