Science Week

National Science Week was celebrated in many ways in the Junior School this year. The theme was Robotics and throughout the week all classes were involved in various robotics activities. They explored programming through coding, and used numerous problem-solving skills using Beebots, Bluebots and NXT robots. The students found each of these sessions exciting and challenging.

On Wednesday 17 August the Pembroke Junior School Science Fair was held to celebrate National Science Week. The Science Fair was designed to serve two purposes—to celebrate and showcase Science in the Junior School, and to develop the teaching of scientific investigation skills among Junior School staff.

The Years 4–6 classes were buddied up with a Senior School Science teacher and taught how to undertake a scientific investigation. Students also looked at hypothesising and justifying their hypothesis, choosing variables, recording results using tables and graphs, analysing their results and making conclusions.

The students’ work was then displayed throughout each of the classrooms. The standard was very high overall and some fascinating investigations took place. Students investigated topics such as which type of milk makes the most froth, does the temperature of a tennis ball affect the height of its bounce, does the type of shoe affect how far the soccer ball travels, which type of frozen liquid melts the quickest, does the placement of weight affect how far a toy car travels, and which type of cup is the best at preventing ice from melting.

The Junior Primary buddy classes visited the afternoon before the Science Fair, so the Upper Primary students were able to practise explaining to their buddies their choice of questions, the research they undertook and the results they found. The Science Fair was a fantastic success and culminated in parents and friends visiting on the Wednesday morning, when students were able to share their findings with their parents, teachers and students from other classes.

A special thanks to Mr List (Head of Science), Mr Hatzi, Ms Kelly and Mr Duffy for all their work in mentoring the Junior School students and teachers.

Mr May
Year 4 Teacher

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