Spanish Week

This year we had several activities in Term 2 as a lead-up for Spanish Week in Term 3. We began with ‘word of the week’, focusing on one simple word or phrase in Spanish that is used frequently in everyday school life. Everyone in the School was encouraged to get involved and try their best to learn and use each week’s new word. It’s been great to hear more Spanish speaking throughout the halls.

Each class in the Junior School was allocated a Spanish-speaking country to research, building up to Spanish Week. Classes found many inventive ways of gathering and displaying information about their country such as booklets, Google slide presentations and display walls.

Over the course of the week many activities took place. Students in Years 4–6 participated in a Copa Del Mundo or World Cup soccer tournament, with each country versing their opposing country in their year levels; while those in the ELC, Reception, and Years 1 and 2 participated in an interactive flamenco session directed by Emma and Luke from Studio Flamenco. They learnt about the history and different styles of flamenco dancing, the instruments and props used, and the outfits worn. They even got to learn a few dance moves themselves!

On Wednesday of Spanish Week the Year 6s had a ‘meet and greet’ session with Years 5–7 students from Darlington Primary School. They had the chance to participate in five one-and-a-half-minute conversations (in Spanish) with a student from Darlington who is also learning the language. After the session Pembroke and Darlington students had a private screening of Toy Story 3 and a special delivery of churros!

The Year 5s, with the help of some Year 6s, worked hard to prepare a lesson for the younger year levels involving everything from Spanish craft and stories to traditional foods and drinks. On Friday the Year 3s celebrated their flamenco residency, showcasing all that they had learnt and participating in a fiesta with Spanish music and food. The Liddle family kindly provided a churros delivery again this year for the entire School—this is always a big highlight of Spanish Week.

The Year 4s and 5s had a session with Juan from Juan’s Paella, where they watched traditional paella being made as well as sampling some themselves. Friday was also dress-up day for the whole School. Students brought in a gold coin donation and we managed to raise $500 for a wonderful non-profit organisation called La Esperanza Granada, which aims to bring education to all children in and around the city of Granada, Nicaragua.

As you can see, Spanish Week is a jam-packed week embracing all things Hispanic!

Ms Gardiner
Spanish Teacher

spanish week

Ewan, Genevieve, Ella and Matilda (all Yr 3) learning how to Flamenco dance with Emma from Studio Flamenco