Year 10 Ski Trip

In the last week of the July holidays a group of 80 Year 10 students and nine teachers departed from Adelaide at 5.00 am Sunday morning for Mt Hotham, to commence the ritual Year 10 Ski Trip. The atmosphere was flamboyant and energetic as many anticipated seeing snow for the first time, while those who were annual skiers couldn’t wait to get back on the slopes. After the short plane trip to Melbourne and the longer 5-hour bus trip up the mountain, sunny blue skies and crisp white snow awaited us. Dragging heavy suitcases through thick snow proved to be the first challenge of many for the week; however, once all were settled into one of the three lodges, Valhalla, Arrabri and Eiger, the music was blasted and the almighty card games began.

After muddling through the chaos of trying on hire gear, identifying the correct boots for skiers and snowboarders, and managing the morning rush to get to the bus on time, all students successfully made it to the top of the mountain for our first ski lesson. For the beginners the lessons were a fantastic way to learn the basics and build confidence in a new but safe environment. The intermediate and advanced ski groups quickly retained their ski legs and, with help from their instructors, were all hitting the black slopes in no time.

During the first afternoon we were hit with a bit of a blizzard and whiteout, so the majority of the students returned to their lodges. Michelin-star-quality 2-minute noodles and easy mac were a favourite for lunches, but as sunny weather returned on Wednesday and Thursday many chose to dine at Hotham Central to make the most of their time. Highlights from the trip included skiing with friends in the afternoon to show off newly gained tricks and improvement, night skiing on Wednesday and the much anticipated rounds of mafia in the lodges at night.

Torrential rain and 80-km winds deterred most people on the Friday morning, although a few brave, slightly delusional students went out armed with DIY waterproof garbage bags and rubber gloves. Although we missed a final chance to kiss the snow goodbye, everyone left in high spirits after one of the best weeks, where they were challenged and rewarded for hard work and effort on the slopes. It was such a fun week where new friendships were formed and new skills were developed, and everyone was very sad to leave. We encourage everyone to apply for the trip despite skiing ability or any doubts you may have. A huge thanks to Ms Reynolds and all the teachers for giving us the opportunity of a lifetime.

(Yr 10)

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