Year 12 IB Drama

The Year 12 IB Theatre class performed their self-devised piece ‘Atar’ (Spanish for ‘tether’) in the Black Box. Will, Zac, Sarah and Mika used the stimulus of a rope and the light to develop a story over a period of 8 weeks. The play, focusing on the idea that we as humans, unlike animals, have the choice to break away from convention in life, began with an interesting story about the training of young elephants and finished with a simple choice between work and love. The students had clearly drawn upon their experiences from the IB Theatre coursework of Physical Theatre, Theatre of the Absurd and plays such as Pina Bausch’s Nelken, Krapp’s Last Tape and Waiting for Godot.

Feedback from our audience expressed the following opinions:

‘Lovely contrast between the beauty of human spirit and the primal instinct of animals’.

‘Loved the use of AUSLAN, very powerful’.

‘The message for me was that in the end success is counted in the relationships we form’.

Mr Woon
Director of Drama

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