Year 2 Musical

‘Now this is the law of the Jungle, as old and as true as the sky.’ Rudyard Kipling

The Year 2 Musical encouraged audiences to forget about their worries and their strife, during a magical adventure into Disney’s The Jungle Book. Baloo and Bagheera tried their hardest to escort Mowgli to the Man Village, but he proved determined to stay in the jungle. He met lots of animals along his way, including Colonel Hathi and his elephant herd, Kaa the snake and her coils, King Louie and the monkeys, and the friendly Vultures. The jungle animals befriended Mowgli and they all came together to protect him from the evil tiger Shere Khan. In the end Mowgli was encouraged to return to the Man Village with Shanti, a girl who had been disguised as a coconut tree watching out for him in the jungle.

After many weeks of rehearsal and excitement, the children performed The Jungle Book for the School, and their families and friends in Wright Hall on 20 and 21 September 2016. Highlights for the children included being given special responsibilities, using the microphone, being fitted for their bright costumes and having their faces painted. They developed a wide variety of skills during the process of preparing for the musical, such as cooperation, voice projection, dancing and singing. It gave me great pleasure to watch each student develop their own confidence and see how much they enjoyed being a part of the show.

I would like to thank the Year 2 teachers, the Junior School staff, Ms Corbett, Mrs Riley and also Ms Van den Ende for their support and assistance during the rehearsals and preparation for the musical. I would like to also thank all the Year 2 students for being so enthusiastic, diligent and imaginative. They worked hard as a team to produce two amazing performances, proving once and for all that ‘the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack’. Well done, Year 2!

Miss Thomas
Junior School Performing Arts

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