Year 4 Excursion to Tandanya Theatre

On Friday 3 March the Year 4 students were fortunate enough to see Inside the Walls as part of the Fringe Festival. This hour-long performance took them on a journey with Chief Izzy of the Adventure Squad as she moved house from the city to the country. On arriving at her new home, spooky things started to happen. Izzy discovers that a ghost is haunting her new home and is transported inside the walls as she tries to solve the mystery!

Performer Theresa O’Connor used her incredible skills in paper engineering, puppet making, projection, electronics and shadow puppetry to enthral the students, and when it came to our 10-minute Q&A time at the end every hand was in the air!

On the following Friday the students were treated to a personalised workshop with Theresa. She taught them about shadow puppets and then guided them in making their own. The students used these puppets to create a short performance with their friends.

Mrs McCarl
Performing Arts Teacher