Year 7 Camps

It was a pleasure to attend the Year 7 Camps during Term 1 and I’d like to commend all the Year 7 students for their participation. They were an enthusiastic, positive and cooperative cohort of students and I look forward to working with them throughout this year.

The 3-day Year 7 camps were held at the School’s Outdoor Education property Old Watulunga, near Finniss.

The three main goals for the camps were for the students to:
• get know each other and their House tutors better;
• become familiar with the School’s Old Watulunga property; and
• participate in a range of challenging activities that encourage and help to develop the qualities of teamwork, cooperation and perseverance.

The activities included on the camps were:
• kayaking, raft-building, initiative tasks, and garden to plate (held at the Old Watulunga property);
• surfing and beach games (held at either Goolwa, Middleton or Port Elliot);
• night activities such as reflection and journaling, and a skit night (held at Old Watulunga); and
• high-ropes (held at Woodhouse, Piccadilly, in the Adelaide Hills).

The students were thoroughly engaged in a busy, active program and many tried new activities for the first time. They also set up and slept in tents, which added to the overall experience.
The garden to plate experience was new to the 2016 program and proved to be very successful. In this activity, under the instruction of Mr Langusch, students were actively involved in planting vegetables in the Old Watulunga vegetable garden, harvesting existing vegetables, and then chopping the vegetables to fill the Vietnamese cold rolls they had also produced. I can testify that the food was absolutely delicious!

The other new initiative for 2016 was the relocation of the high-ropes activity to Woodhouse. In this activity students worked in groups of six through an array of high-ropes elements at various heights through the magnificent pine forest within the Woodhouse facilities. This was an impressive conclusion to the camps; the qualities that the students had developed throughout the camp experience were clearly on show here.

In summary the camps were a huge success and I am very grateful for the support of many staff for their contributions and involvement. In particular I’d like to thank Mr Holland who assisted in the coordination and smooth running of the camps; Ms Thomas for organising and preparing such delicious food; Mr Lush for his invaluable support across all the camps; and the Year 7 tutors, Outdoor Education instructors and assistants for their excellent facilitation of each of the activities and their support of the students.

Mr Roberts
Assistant Head Middle School

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