Book Week

Last term the children completed lots of artwork based on the books that were shortlisted by the Children’s Book Council of Australia. We held the annual vote and once again the winner at Pembroke, Mopoke, was not voted the winner by the Council.

We had a wonderful Book Week Parade held in DY Hall. This always challenges even the most creative students and parents, and once again I think the bar rose even higher. The parade was a mirage of colour and characters. There were a few regulars like Harry Potter and Elsa that seem to resurface each year, but I must say a couple of my favourites were Paddington Bear and the array of pirates. These certainly matched the theme of ‘Find your Treasure’.

We also held a book swap on the Thursday. This linked into the theme of ‘one’s trash is another one’s treasure’. I love to see the excitement on the children’s faces as they come into the Library to choose their new treasure! 

Two weeks before Book Week, the very talented author Mark Greenwood came to talk to our students in Years 3–6. He was an amazing presenter and had all the students eating out of his hand. I have had so many children come and tell me he was the best author we have ever had! Mark writes a fantastic series of short novels called History Mysteries based on mysteries in Australia, and also a range of picture books for older students. It was rather surprising to hear from one parent who, when I asked what her daughter thought of Mark, replied that she didn’t know because Mark had said not to tell their parents, so it was certainly taken literally!

Mrs Schumacher