Datiwuy Dreaming

On Friday 22 June students welcomed Datiwuy Dreaming through a traditional smoking ceremony by Alan Sumner on the grass at the Senior School. Pembroke Indigenous students and local Kaurna members became the extended family and as such played a significant role in establishing a sense of cultural importance at the occasion.

As part of the Music curriculum students in Years 3 and 6 explored traditional Aboriginal dance, song and story performed by the traditional owners of the material from the Yolngu community of Galiwin’ku (Elcho Island). Dance was an integral component of the study and dancers from NAISDA (National Aboriginal and Islander Skills Development Association) developed within the students an appreciation of the belief systems of the Yolngu community. The students gained an awareness of the traditional roles and responsibilities of ceremony, and the respect, upholding and passing on of these traditions, as well as developing their own music and composition skills.

The students embraced learning Yolngu words through song and dance. They also discovered, through focused listening and viewing of the Musica Viva resources, an appreciation of the richness of the Yolngu modes of communication and ways of living, as well as an understanding of the Yolngu connection to and responsibility for country/place and the belief systems connected to land, sea, sky and waterways.

The performing ensemble Datiwuy Dreaming has been in partnership with Musica Viva and NAISDA for several years. Datiwuy Dreaming consisted of performers from Elcho Island, graduates and developing artists from NAISDA, and traditional tutors Heather Mitjangba Burarrwanga and Tony Mudalyun Ganambarr. We were fortunate indeed that the performers decided to visit Adelaide on their tour.

I would like to thank Ms Bourchier and Ms Davis for their support in this event. 

The performance was energetic, fun, engaging and at times moving.

Mrs Riley
Junior School Arts Coordinator