ELC by Moonlight

There was a buzz in the air in Term 3 as we explored the concept of natural cycles with our ELC children. Our inquiries into the wonders of our world and what lies beyond our skies included a magical event that has become an ELC tradition. The children returned to School in their snuggest bedclothes to join us for a torch-light dinner and four space-themed activities.

Like all good traditions, anticipation for the evening built as we prepared for the event. The children made glass lanterns to light the pathway, practised songs to sing for our families and assisted Ms Tonkin’s father as he carefully drilled over 1,000 holes to create some star-spangled reading cubbies. Adding to the growing excitement is the folklore too … ‘My sister told me all about it!’, ‘You come to School in the middle of the night!’, ‘There’s marshmallows and you wear pyjamas and slippers’. Mention Moonlight ELC to children in the Junior School and they will delight in recalling their experiences.
Thank you to the staff, families and children who helped to make this year’s ELC by Moonlight as indelible as ever—let the tales be told.

Mrs Scrivens
Head of ELC