IB: CAS Showcase

In the second year of their IB Diploma studies, all students complete a CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) project, culminating in a CAS Showcase event. The project is a collaborative, well-considered and carefully planned experience that engages each student in one or more CAS strands over a duration of at least 1 month.

The showcase evening commenced with beautiful music played by an ensemble of three Year 11 students, followed by a duet by two Year 12 students who had arranged a girls choir as their CAS project. A graduate from the IB class of 2017, Alice Morgan, then addressed the audience about how the experiences she was exposed to during CAS have facilitated her personal growth and added interest and value to her life outside of her medical studies.

Colourful exhibits and displays of students’ projects allowed the audience to appreciate the breadth of possibilities, and gave the students the opportunity to discuss which projects they had undertaken, the challenges they had faced and ultimately overcome, and what they learned through their involvement in CAS—collaboration; the importance of planning and reflection; commitment and perseverance; the ethics of their choices and actions; engagement with issues of global significance, albeit often at a local level; and the development of new and old skills.
Light refreshments were provided. Year 11 IB students had baked goods to support a Year 11 CAS project ‘Nellie’s Ellies’, which raised funds for rescued elephants whose parents had died from poaching.

As the CAS Showcase preceded the IB Information Evening, interested Year 10 students could ask questions and gather ideas through the exhibited exemplars of Creativity, Activity and Service experiences that our Year 12 students had undertaken during the 18-month CAS Programme. The showcase also emphasised the holistic nature of the IB Diploma, where learning does not only occur in classrooms—CAS provides the balance that all students need in their busy academic lives.

Mrs Walldorf-Davis
Head of IB