Marree 2018

The Marree Exchange once again headed off to the outback in Term 3. After a long day in the bus through a very dry outback, the team arrived at the Marree Hotel where swags were set up and students got to explore the township. On Tuesday morning we set out to the Marree School, which was a highlight for many. We did a variety of activities including Art, Sports and English, and the final product of the ‘Big Paint’ was a beautiful replica of the Ghan railway.

Wednesday and Thursday saw us out on the land with Arabunna Elder Reg Dodd. He enjoyed telling tales about the railway and the history of the township. We saw cameleers who had ridden for over 100 days and we visited remote sculpture parks. Lake Eyre was dry and the students enjoyed walking on the crusty salt flats and taking some amazing photography.

Coward Springs offered an amazing sunset before the winds came in and made the conditions somewhat tricky on the way back home. Students saw and met so many people and felt a part of the community; at the farewell BBQ it was time to say a heartfelt goodbye for now until we see our friends again in Term 4.

Ms Manning