Our Strategic Plan

I am delighted to share with your the School's new Strategic Plan. The plan uses the language of our Pembroke School Aims to reinforce our commitment to many future developments and initiatives—some of these come from the Principal’s Sabbatical Report, some from the old Pembroke Improvement Plan, some from meetings and ideas formed from Board planning sessions, and some as sensible responses or feedback from internal and external influences on Pembroke.

Strategic plans can be too distant. They can tend to general statements that really allow all or nothing to occur and don’t get to the important role of driving ideas to fruition. This plan is not like that. While carefully crafted, with language that simplifies and supports the Pembroke School Aims, it also gets specific.

The specificity of the plan revolves around key goals to be achieved and tasks to be done. They are all worthwhile, well conceived and exciting to consider. All aspects of the life of the School get a chance to develop and respond to the world around them. Pembroke School in its 50th year will remain committed to the fundamental principles that drove its foundations, but it will also be vibrantly responding to new realities and circumstances that were simply not conceivable 50 years earlier.

There have been several community gatherings to consider the plan and, in all cases, it has been well received. It is exciting to see the Pembroke Board actively responding to the challenges ahead and considering all the ways that the School can respond to those challenges. There is a clear desire to engage with and build the community; challenge ourselves to secure our future financially; further enhance our commitment to best possible teaching, learning and co-curricular programs; and ensure that our infrastructure continues to meet the needs of current and future student generations. This all takes vision, effort and time. Our Board has a remarkable capacity to offer that vision, effort and time, as does our community, and I am very excited about where this plan will lead us.

The plan is designed to be monitored and reviewed. The Board will maintain a close eye on its effectiveness and the Principal will report regularly on its progress. It is not an end in itself. If circumstances demand different directions, and challenges ahead offer new insights, we will adjust. Pembroke is principled and pragmatic but it is great to have a coherent direction outward from the Board. I am thrilled to be part of it and feel excited to be able to try and get some of these fine ideas off the ground.
We will be calling on all members of the community to throw our considerable collective weight around the plan. All in the community can be involved in a variety of ways, as so many of you are now. I know that our staff, students and parents are all looking forward to experiencing the outcomes of this involvement, which will be all the more exciting if achieved through mutual effort. The plan builds on what has been, and is, a formidable educational experience.

Luke Thomson