Science Week in the Junior School

National Science Week was celebrated in many ways in the Junior School this year. The theme was Game Changers and Change Makers, and throughout the week all classes were involved in various Science explorations linked with challenging STEAM activities. They explored designing and making prototypes as well as improving on them to solve specific problems with explicit criteria. They used their strong teamwork skills and showed cooperation and persistence throughout these investigations. They all found these sessions exciting, engaging and challenging.

On Wednesday 15 August the Pembroke Junior School Science Fair was held to celebrate National Science Week. The fair was designed to celebrate the learning demonstrated by the Years 4–6 students and to showcase Science in the Junior School.

The Year 4 students focused on how to undertake a scientific investigation. They chose effective questions, looked at hypothesising and justifying their hypothesis, chose variables, recorded results using tables and graphs, analysed their results and made conclusions.

The Year 5 students took part in a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) project exploring and problem solving with regards to Building a Lunar Colony. Students explored what it might take to set up a lunar colony, what materials they would need to bring, how the very different lunar environment might impact the way they live, and what challenges they would face to survive on the Moon.

Year 6 students have been working with industry partner Sarah Constructions on a STEAM project to explore real-world problems and design possible solutions around the concept of sustainable buildings. Sarah Constructions is the company building the new Science, Technology and Arts building on Shipsters Road. The students presented their ideas back to the project manager of Sarah Constructions about various products they believe should be incorporated into this new building as sustainable solutions.

The Junior Primary buddy classes visited on the afternoon before the Science Fair so that the Upper Primary students were able to practise explaining their investigations to their buddies. The Science Fair was a fantastic success and culminated in parents and friends visiting on the Wednesday morning. Students were able to share their findings with their parents, teachers and students from other classes.

Mrs May