Year 2 Musical

The Year 2 Musical this year, Tuishi Pamoja (Swahili for ‘we want to live together’), transported the audience to Africa when it was performed by 2M and 2B for friends and family in September in Wright Hall.

There were herds of giraffes and zebras, three cheeky meerkats and some fierce lions. Through the process of the play the children learnt about being brave, having integrity, speaking up, not putting others down, and valuing friendship and inclusion.

All the Year 2 children developed in their confidence and demonstrated commitment during rehearsals. They met the challenge of memorising lines, songs and choreography on stage with energy. Highlights of the musical process were being fitted for costumes, having their faces painted, using microphones and utilising the wonderful facilities in Wright Hall.

I would like to thank Year 2 teachers Ms Oxenberry, Ms Corbett and Mrs Howard for all their help and support. I would also like to thank Ms Van Den Ende for making all the wonderful animal costumes and for the fabulous animal face paint. Special thanks to Harry Gum for ensuring that all the Year 2 rehearsals and performances went ahead without too much drama!

Congratulations to all the Year 2 students for coming to rehearsals with a smile and for having fun along the way. You showed that teamwork, friendship and laughter all make for a great musical. You should all be very proud of yourselves.

Mrs Riley
Junior School Arts Coordinator