Year 11 Group 4 Projects

Group 4 Project
The Group 4 project is a collaborative activity where students from different disciplines of Science (Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Sport Science) work together on a scientific or technological topic. This year the topic was food science. This project allows students to gain an understanding of the relationships between scientific disciplines and their influence on other areas of knowledge. It was fascinating to see how my teammates from the different disciplines tackled problems in their own unique way.

Through this project the students learned how to effectively plan and carry out a practical experiment, including health and safety risks as well as the equipment needed.

After many hours spent planning and completing experiments, we presented our findings to the Junior School in a Science Fair.

I thought that this experience was invaluable—seeing the different ways to solve problems, the work that goes into organising experiments and the best way to communicate Science to younger children.

(Year 11)

The awesome science experiments
When I heard that the science experiments were going to be on food, I was really surprised. From the time I knew that to the time I went there, I wondered what the science experiments were going to be. My favourite science experiment was the one where you listened to different music and ate the same food. It was interesting to see how music influenced the way you tasted it. When I first came to the experiment I wondered why three students had IPods out. I soon learnt they were so they could play music. Even though I didn’t participate-which I regret now-I thought the experiment was really interesting. Everyone’s science experiments were really cool and even though I’m only in year four I’m still looking forward to doing it myself.

(Yr 4)    

The food experiment
I really enjoyed looking at the experiments. It was really interesting seeing there is a lot of science in food as well and I usually just think of food as something you eat, not what you can do with it. I really liked one that we had to sniff something and then drink from a cup and the smell and colour made it taste different. I hope I get to do something similar when I’m older.

(Yr 4)

The spectacular senior school food-science exhibition
I loved the exhibition because I think that all of the different and unique experiments were very creative, smart, interacting and surprising. A lot of the junior school kids (including me) probably loved all of the interesting facts and properties of foods. It was very fun and exciting to visit the exhibition because I learned how to make a chocolate fountain, homemade ice-cream and I learned very fascinating facts and experiments to do with food. I am so surprised that the senior school students came up with these awesome ideas and prepared for a long time to present them to us. Thank you an enormous amount and I hope you do another exhibition soon. It was extremely wonderful of you.

(Yr 4)

Senior School Science demonstration
I liked the stand where they put on music and gave you 3 different types of bread and you had to rate it out of 1-10. It was fun and healthier than most of the other stands and the bread was tasty. We also had to wear blindfolds so we couldn’t see what type of bread it was.

(Yr 4)

Food science
I liked the smartie station the best because you put a blindfold on, ate a smartie and tried to guess which you ate. Even if you didn’t put a blindfold on you could still eat a smartie. It was an interesting test. At all of the stations I liked how you could always eat or drink something even if you didn’t do a test. Also I liked how the year 11s and 12s explained each station otherwise I wouldn’t have known what the experiment was. Thank you for letting us come and have a fun time.

(Yr 4)

Senior School Science
My favourite activity was the gluten bread dough one. We had to feel two types of bread dough and stretch them. Then we had we had to tell the year 11 students which one was the stretchiest. The year 11 students told us that the stretchiest one had gluten in it and the least stretchy one had no gluten. Then we had to wash our hands in some special liquid that got the gluten off our hands and then dry them with a towel. Then we got to have some delicious fairy bread. Another one I liked was the one you got to have ice cream that was very yummy. They told us how they made it. The way they made it was very interesting. All the other activities were also very cool. The science with food was awesome.

By Daniel
(Yr 4)