Year 12 SACE Drama

School Dance, performed in Wright Hall by the Year 12 SACE Drama class, was about facing your fears and coming out on top. The story took the audience on a nostalgic and often hilarious trip back to a time in the 1980s when the music was fun and the hair was big. The story revolves around three teenagers—Matt (Mark, Yr 12), an unco who turns invisible; Luke (Henry, Yr 12), a long-haired, BMX-riding film buff; and Jonathon (Nick, Yr 12), who loves dancing to Cyndi Lauper. They’re meeting up before a school dance but get drawn into the land of invisible teens inhabited by Danika (Olivia, Yr 12) and a bunch of ‘80s icons including a gremlin.

A hardworking and inventive group of student designers, managers and performers reminded us how challenging it can be to grow up when the world doesn’t see you. Congratulations to the whole cast and crew, and in particular director Ms Reynolds and student mentors Mrs Dalton and Mr Ferrier.

Mr Woon
Director of Drama