Year 5 Musical

Why do pirates make great singers? Because they hit the high C’s!

Excuse the pirate humour—it’s been a long semester! Producing a junior version of the classic Gilbert and Sullivan opera The Pirates of Penzance was no easy task, but everyone involved thoroughly enjoyed re-creating the fun and humour of the original. After many weeks of rehearsals and excitement, the Year 5 students performed for the School, and their family and friends at Scott Theatre, University of Adelaide, on 23 and 24 June.

Highlights for the children included being fitted for their bright costumes, having their make-up and hair done, using the microphones and performing in a professional setting. They developed a wide variety of skills during the process of preparing for the musical, such as cooperation, voice projection, dancing and singing. It gave me great pleasure to watch each student develop their own confidence and see how much they enjoyed being a part of the show.

I would like to thank the Year 5 teachers, the Junior School staff, Mrs Riley, Ms Corbett, Ms Lynelle and also Miss Van-den-Ende for all their support and assistance during the rehearsals and preparation for the musical. I would like to also thank all the Year 5 students for being so enthusiastic, diligent and imaginative. Congratulations, Year 5 students!

Miss Thomas
JS Drama Teacher