Year 6 Camp

On Tuesday 1 March 2016 all the Year 6s travelled to Canberra by plane for three eventful days. This camp was linked to our inquiry unit on Democracy, ‘How we Organise Ourselves’.

We were involved in many activities over the three days, including visiting Parliament House, the Australian National Gallery, the National War Memorial, the Australian Institute of Sport, Questacon and the Tent Embassy, as well as bowling and much more. At Parliament House we saw the House of Representatives and the Senate.

We were actually really lucky to be there during Question Time, when Members of Parliament ask the Government or the Opposition questions. It happens at 2 pm every day. We also saw the Leader of the Opposition, Bill Shorten, ask the Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, a question and heard the Prime Minister answer.

One thing that was very fascinating about Parliament House was the way in which the architects designed it, with a large decorative fountain in the middle so that no one can enter that space. This is a symbolic representation of our democratic society. We also went to the Senate and watched a bill (which is an idea for a law) being passed through. Then we went to a role-playing room and re-enacted a bill being passed through. The bill was ‘should WiFi be on public transport?’.

After the three days we were sad to be leaving but felt grateful for all the fantastic experiences we had had!

Elijah and Mirella 
(both Yr 6)

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