Pedal Prix Team

POSA Racing

The Pembroke Old Scholars’ Pedal Prix Racing Team was established in 2014, marking a new chapter for Pedal Prix at Pembroke. The team is currently using ‘Tis But a Scratch as the race bike, a machine that has never avoided a podium finish in previous years. However, for the 2017 season, the bike’s name will be changed to “Centino”.

Pedal Prix is an event held by the Australian International Pedal Prix Association, where 200+ Vehicles race in endurance events, of 6 or 24 hours long. The vehicles are recumbent pushbikes, with an aerodynamic fairing to maximise efficiency, allowing high-speeds to be sustained around a track. The bike's chassis was built by Pembroke Old Scholars and teachers in 2013.

In 2017, POSA Racing is going to be involved in three total races for the Pedal Prix season.

The races in which the POSA team will participate in is as follows:

Round 3 Victoria Park 17 June
Round 4 Victoria Park 29 July
Round 6 Murray Bridge 23 and 24 September (24hr)

Avinash Kunjamboo, Jim Ye and Rylie Sanderson