Hearing Unit

One of the aims of Pembroke School is to provide specialist education in one area of disability. In this regard, it was decided in 1976 to establish a Unit which would cater for hearing-impaired students.

The Hearing Unit is not a building set apart from the rest of the School, rather it comprises resource rooms on each of our two campuses where specialist teachers (holding qualifications in Deaf Education) support our hearing-impaired students. Specialist teaching, counselling and technical matters relating to hearing aids, cochlear implants and F.M. systems are attended to in the respective resource rooms.

All hearing-impaired students are enrolled as regular students and are members of a mainstream class. They follow the regular timetable as closely as possible and spend as much time as possible with that mainstream class. Enrolments range from Early Learning Centre through to Year 12. Each hearing-impaired student is provided with specialist support from Hearing Unit teachers as they progress through the School.

With the support of the specialist teachers, students with a hearing loss receive particular attention which seeks to further develop listening, speech, language, thinking and conversational skills and to enhance, reiterate and interpret regular classroom lessons using individual and small group tutoring and in-class support.

Emphasis is placed on socialisation and we recognise that each class has its own social setting, as does each group within that class. The strong and varied co-curricular programme at Pembroke allows the hearing-impaired students to participate on an equal basis with their hearing peers.