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Pembroke Old Scholars' Association aims to further the welfare of the School and promote unity and friendship among former students and staff of the School.

We are proud to provide the following services:


The Pembroke Old Scholars’ Association established a babysitting database in 2011.

The aim of the database is to capture old scholars who wish to make themselves available to the Pembroke School community for babysitting services.

Our database should be mutually beneficial for both school leavers and the current parents of Pembroke School. One of the key benefits to current parents is that past students are familiar with the school, the car parking, sports venues etc which makes a babysitter from the database highly sought after for school pickups and regular child minding.

Old scholars who wish to discuss our babysitter register can contact Pembroke Old Scholars' on

The database is a mechanism to bring together babysitters and parents who require babysitting services. Any rates, terms, or job details would be directly negotiated between the babysitter and parent. Any choice of engagement would be entirely at the discretion and liberty of the parent.

To register to our babysitters database please complete the relevant form below:

Register to Become a Babysitter

Register as a Parent to Recruit a Babysitter

Bursaries – to children of Old Scholars entering Senior School

Pembroke Old Scholars' Association provides part bursaries each year for children of old scholars entering the Senior years at Pembroke.

Applications for the 2021 Bursaries are now open. To apply, please complete the Application Form. Applications close on 1 September 2020.

All applicants shall be notified at the end of Term 3. For any enquiries please contact or phone 08 8366 6221.

Information regarding all other scholarships offered by Pembroke School can be found here.

Careers Breakfast – held each year for Senior School students

Our Careers Breakfast was instigated by Pembroke Old Scholars' in 2012 and is held on the Senior School campus in DY Hall. Each year the School and Pembroke Old Scholars' get together to support this wonderful event to assist our current students make a decision about their future careers.

Pembroke Old Scholars' seeks a mix of mentors experienced in their chosen profession as well as those just starting out, either still studying or recently completing their studies. This is a very important stage of the student’s lives as they seek help in making the right selection. It is also very rewarding for the mentors involved who come away thinking they may have positively influenced and helped a student with one of the biggest choices in their lives.

At each year's event, old scholars and current parents are matched with Year 11 and 12 students according to their vocational interests. By volunteering 90 minutes of your time, you can inspire students and provide them with invaluable 'real world' experience at a critical stage in their planning.

We invite you to register on our Careers Breakfast Database so we can call upon you for assistance as a mentor when we have students with aspirations in your vocational field. Each year the number and variety of mentors is dependent upon the career interests of that particular student year group and the availability of mentors.

To register for our database, please complete our online form.

If you have an queries, please email


Pembroke Old Scholars’ is proud to offer our P-Caps and Pembroke Old Scholars' Beanies to our Pembroke community.

To order our merchandise please click on the links below:


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Size: Available in standard and large
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We are always looking for new innovative marketing suggestions. If you have any queries or feedback, please contact Pembroke Old Scholars' on

Details of these services can be obtained via