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As the son of a King’s old collegian, an old scholar myself, and a current parent, I am humbled and extremely honoured to be entering my fourth year as the President of the Pembroke Old Scholars.

Having joined the Old Scholars Committee in 2010, I have had the opportunity to observe and learn from three Presidents during that time, Gay Sanderson (’62), Scott Peters (’86) and David Dall (’92).

During my time on the Committee, I have served for four years as Treasurer, one year as Vice President and the last three years as President. I also have a comprehensive understanding of the workings and challenges of our Affiliated Clubs, having been involved with the Pembroke Old Scholars' Soccer Club and being a founder of the Pembroke Old Scholars' Girls Soccer Club in late 2012, which will be of benefit in this role.

During my tenure thus far, I am proud that we have launched Pembroke old scholars merchandise in the form of P-caps and beanies after listening to feedback from our members. The funds from these sales help us achieve our aims such as providing bursaries, reuniting our old scholar community, and supporting our affiliated clubs.

I am excited by the working relationship built with Pembroke School Principal, Mr Luke Thomson, over the years as we look at more innovative ways to serve the School and its old scholar community consisting of almost 16,000 old scholars of Pembroke School and its founding schools King's and Girton.

This relationship has resulted in bringing us closer with our international and interstate old scholars.

In this digital age, Pembroke Old Scholars has embraced the use of social media and electronic platforms to give our members the opportunity to participate in discussions, receive updates, and be kept abreast of the successes and whereabouts of their School peers. Please join these forums, provide your email address and be involved.

Ex Unitate Vires – Out of Unity, Strength

Weng Wong (87-90, 96-97)