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Pembroke offers scholarships for students entering Year 7 based entirely on results of the ACEP examinations held in February each year.

Year 7 Academic Scholarships

Students may apply to sit an examination for Year 7 Scholarships in the year preceding entry to Year 7 at Pembroke. Year 7 Scholarships are open to both students already enrolled at Pembroke and students wanting to attend Pembroke. Students studying on a student visa (500) are eligible to apply but the percentage of remission will be based on the tuition fee payable by an Australian student.

Value:25% up to 100% remission of tuition fees for the duration of the enrolment
(provided academic work remains of a high standard)
Applications Opened:

28 September 2021

Applications Close:17 February 2022
Registration Fee:


Application:Via ACER Year 7 only Academic Scholarship Online Registration
Examination Date:5 March 2022

To obtain information regarding Scholarships at Pembroke, please complete and submit the form below:

Further information if required can be obtained from: