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The Shipsters Road building for Middle School Art, Science, Design and Digital Technology is an architectural feat that takes contemporary learning to new heights.

Opened in 2019, this three-storey building is a stunning and vibrant creation, offering a world-leading educational setting equipped with cutting-edge tools and resources for the learners of today and tomorrow.

Shipsters features dozens of unique learning hubs including flexible exhibition and enterprise spaces. The centrepiece is a mammoth atrium – named Balnaves Place after a treasured donor family – which accommodates lectures and presentations.

By inviting companies and individual experts to base themselves in the building, Pembroke is proud to elevate entrepreneurial learning to the next level. In a similar vein, Shipsters provides spaces for Artists-in-Residence to work alongside students and showcase their collective work, as well as being harnessed for co-curricular activities such as Pembroke’s signature Pedal Prix Program.

This special building also stands as a proud reminder of the generosity of our School community whose incredible support helped turn an education dream into a reality.

Shipsters Road building for Middle School Art, Science and Technology

Balnaves Place