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The Boarding House, is home away from home for our boarders.

Our Head of Boarding, Evan Shillabeer, has overseen the welfare of boarders since 2006.

All girl boarders live in the Turner wing, Years 7-11 girls are accommodated in twin share bedrooms and Year 12 girls in individual bedrooms. All bedrooms include study facilities. Our boarders are cared for and supervised by a full-time Boarding House Supervisor who is assisted by a Tutor.

Boy boarders in Campbell wing and DDH wing are accommodated in individual bedrooms. All boarders in Years 7-10 study in the Prep Room under supervision. Year 11 and 12 boarders have individual study-bedrooms in the DDH wing where they sleep and study under the supervision of residential staff.

Our boarders should get a minimum of 8 hours sleep a night and all internet devices are locked away (for Years 7 – 11) prior to bed-time.

Each boarder is a member of a small close-knit tutorial group of about six girl boarders and six boy boarders. Tutorial groups meet regularly to discuss issues that arise, to contribute to the running of the boarding house and to coordinate group events. There is a weekly boarding house meeting with input from Head Boy and Head Girl of boarding. This is a forum for all boarders and staff to come together to discuss matters and inform each other of upcoming events. All boarders at Pembroke pride themselves on being emotionally aware, culturally sensitive and compassionate young men and women.

Each tutorial group is looked after by a dedicated Tutor and two Tute captains (Year 12 girl/boy boarders) assist with the pastoral care needs of boarders in their group. All tutors have varied academic backgrounds so they can assist boarders with their schoolwork across a wide range of subjects.

In addition to the tutors, there are House Supervisors in the boarding house. These House ‘mothers’ are on hand, night and day, to assist boarders with anything from simple first aid to consoling a boarder if upset.

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