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Boarding is a unique opportunity to live in a strong and diverse community. Pembroke provides outstanding care for students from around Australia and the world in an atmosphere that is friendly, welcoming, supportive and fun.

When parents decide to send their children away from home for education, the choice of school is vital in providing an environment that is warm, welcoming, safe and conducive to good and effective learning. Moving to a new community can present challenges and at Pembroke we will make that transition as smooth, comfortable and reassuring as we possibly can.

Pembroke provides separate boarding accommodation for girls and boys from Year 7-12. Staff are on duty 24 hours per day, 7 days per week within the accommodation. Boarding staff and teachers communicate regularly with parents about the progress of their child, and tutors work with boarders in our boarding houses to further their academic development.

A boarding student’s daily routine ensures a balanced and organised approach to school, homework, sport, co-curricular and weekend activities and allows time simply to relax, socialise and have fun. The School has a flexible approach to parents visiting and students obtaining weekend leave (with parent permission).

Although the Boys' and Girls’ boarding houses are physically separated on the Pembroke campus, students and staff join together for meals and other activities. There is close communication and cooperation between the Girls’ and Boys’ boarding houses.

Regardless of where each student comes from, whether near or far, Pembroke boarders develop a strong connection with each other by accepting differences and finding a common ground. The love that is shared and shown is deep and profound. Our boarders are all the better for having the world come to them in so many ways. The world truly is their oyster.