Location and Facilities

Pembroke School is located 5 kilometres east of the city of Adelaide, South Australia. Adelaide is a beautiful city, with easy coastal access, a mediterranean climate, no pollution to speak of and traffic is not a problem (compared to other cities). It is arguably one of the finest cities in which to raise a family and to study. The School itself is located in a residential area which is quiet and characterised by wonderful gardens, parks and trees - the leafy suburbs as they are known in Adelaide.

Pembroke School comprises two campuses: the King's Campus and Girton Campus. The campuses are located within 5 minutes walk of each other and are connected by the Kensington Park Reserve Oval.

A feature of both campuses are the superb grounds which are maintained to the highest standard by our maintenance and grounds staff. The School remains committed to maintaining and upgrading facilities in order that learning takes place in an environment that is both state-of-the-art and simply pleasant to be part of. 

Pembroke School's facilities include rowing and sporting facilities located around the perimeter of the city and Old Watulunga, an Outdoor Education facility located approximately 75 kilometres south of the School.