Mathematics is a core subject in the curriculum where all students are encouraged and provided with the support and opportunity needed to develop their potential as young Mathematicians. The teachers in the Mathematics Department are experienced and well qualified, work as a team and focus on fostering a passion for and enjoyment of mathematics in their students.

Middle School Mathematics
Australian Curriculum Mathematics courses are taught throughout the Middle School. In Years 7-9, students are placed in classes of similar ability, known as Sets. In Year 10 students choose between two Australian Curriculum courses, Mathematics 10A and Mathematics 10 or they select Essential Mathematics, a school-devised course that is designed for students who are seeking a more practical business-related Mathematics course.

Students are challenged at all levels and have many opportunities to improve skills and knowledge. The opportunity to participate in the Australian Mathematics Competition is offered to all students.

Students in the top sets are further challenged by a rigorous extension program involving the Mathematics Olympiad, Schools Mathematics Competition and the Mathematical Challenge and Enrichment program. The top set group in Year 9 undertakes the Mathematics 10A program. This group can then choose to take SACE Stage 1 Mathematical Methods course in Year 10, with the option of also studying SACE Stage 1 Specialist Mathematics.

Students in Years 7-10 who struggle with Mathematics are well supported in smaller class groups. Under the guidance of their teacher they develop their mathematical skills and understandings and build their confidence to problem solve and think critically.

Senior School Mathematics
Mathematics in the Senior School offers students the opportunity to undertake either SACE or IB Diploma courses. In the SACE, students can select from Essential Mathematics, General Mathematics, Mathematical Methods and the more advanced Specialist Mathematics (which must be partnered with Mathematical Methods). Students who have accelerated fully in Year 10 and who complete Mathematical Methods and Specialist Mathematics in Year 11 have the opportunity to apply for entry to the University of Adelaide Headstart Program to continue their studies at first year University level.

IB Diploma students have three courses of Mathematics to choose from, depending on their skills and ability. These are Higher Level Mathematics, Standard Level Mathematics and Mathematical Studies - Standard Level. Mathematics SL Anticipated is also offered to students who have participated in the Year 10 Accelerated Program. This enables them to complete their study of IB Mathematics at the end of Year 11 in the Diploma.

Technology is an integral part of the Mathematical courses offered at Pembroke School. All students from Year 8 to 12 extensively use a graphics calculator in their work, and as such this is a compulsory resource.