Senior School SACE

The South Australian Certificate of Education
The SACE Board of South Australia is responsible for awarding students with a South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) on completion of senior secondary schooling. “The SACE is an internationally recognised credential that opens pathways leading to vocations and careers, further studies and employment. The SACE also ensures that students leave school with a strong general education.” In South Australia, it is the basic requirement for entry to higher education.

The SACE offers a significant diversity of subjects for study as well as diverse approaches to learning and assessment, especially in the area of recognition of community learning. Students with special learning needs are well-supported through the SACE Board’s Special Provisions Policy.

The compulsory requirements of the SACE have been streamlined and there is a greater emphasis on students actively planning their chosen academic pathway for the senior years, in collaboration with their parents, teachers and community mentors. Students can choose to specialise in certain key areas of interest or to maintain a breadth of subjects in these final years, incorporating some of the more flexible elements such as Vocational Education and Training subjects accredited within the SACE programme.

Award Requirements
To be awarded the South Australian Certificate of Education, a student must earn 200 credits from the study of various subjects at Stage 1 and Stage 2. A semester of study in a subject is equivalent to 10 credits. Of the minimum 200 credits needed for the award of the SACE, 110 credits are in specified areas of study and students must attain at least a C grade in each of these to be awarded their SACE.

At Stage 1 (Year 11)

  • 10 credits for the Personal Learning Plan (undertaken at Pembroke in Semester 2 Year 10)
  • 20 credits of English (i.e. a full year of study of English)
  • 10 credits of Mathematics (i.e. a semester of Mathematics)

In real terms, Year 11 students at Pembroke will study a maximum of six subjects each semester, giving them 120 credits towards their SACE.

At Stage 2 (Year 12)

  • 60 credits from the study of three full year Stage 2 subjects
  • 10 credits for the Research Project – an in-depth major project of 3500 words. Students usually complete the Research Project in Semester 2 of Year 11.

Students at Pembroke have the opportunity to study five or four Stage 2 subjects (plus the Research Project) to meet the requirements for generating the ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank), which enables them to apply for University entry.