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Pembroke School has a long and emerging tradition of encouraging exchanges with overseas partner schools, St Cyprian’s School (Cape Town, South Africa) and Orchard College (Curicó, Chile).

The exchange program offers our students an immersive opportunity whereby they come to learn more about themselves through developing a strong connection with people in an international environment.

We trust our exchange students to serve as excellent ambassadors for Pembroke School. It is expected that all exchange students will want to make a positive impression and contribute in some meaningful ways to their host school. Thus, all students involved in an exchange are expected to do their best academically and to respect the traditions, routines, and structures of their host school. All exchange students are required to maintain a journal of their experiences from which they will develop a keynote presentation to peers and staff, sharing elements of their exchange upon their return; encouraging others to engage in this unique experience.

Please see below information about exchanges with each partnering school:

Orchard College

Curicó, Chile
(Pembroke boy and girl at Orchard Term 4 2024, Orchard boy and girl at Pembroke in Term 1 2025)

St Cyprian's School

Cape Town, South Africa
(Two St Cyprian’s School students (female) to Pembroke in Term 3 2024 and two Pembroke students (female) to St Cyprian’s School in Term 4 2024)

To express your interest in participating in these exchanges please complete the below form by 5 pm Thursday 11 April 2024.

Student's Date of Birth

NB Applicants must have a current passport; that is, with an expiry date of no fewer than 6 months beyond the scheduled return date.

Student Contact Details

Parent Contact Details

Student Application Statement

Please click here to take the VIA Survey to complete your application. Then click on the ‘light green’ button on the right hand side of the screen titled ‘take the free survey’ and follow the prompts. Complete this survey and then complete the statement below.

Thank you for your interest in the exchange program and best of luck.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Kia Sheidow
Head of Middle School