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We are proud to share with you the achievements of our Year 12 IB Diploma students for 2022.

3 January 2023

Today the results for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme November 2022 session were released, and we congratulate all students on very impressive results which reflect yet another outstanding year of the IB Diploma Programme at Pembroke School.

In Pembroke's Class of 2022, 39 students undertook the IB Diploma Programme and 100% of these students achieved their Diploma. ATAR conversions are yet to be released for IB Diploma students; as such an analysis of ATAR and tertiary entrance pathways will be included in our comprehensive analysis of Year 12 results in our Excellence and Leadership publication in the new year.

Having spoken with many of our IB ‘top achieving’ students this morning, they are grateful, full of admiration for their families and their teachers, and somewhat relieved that results have come in, and that they can now focus on the many plans they have for their futures.

For now, these are the highlights from IB Diploma results received thus far:

  • Emma Guenther and Hannah (Hanyue) Zheng each achieved a perfect score of 45/45. This is a remarkable achievement as fewer than 1% of IB Diploma students worldwide achieve a perfect score. Emma and Hannah share the award for IB Dux 2022.
  • Emma Guenther achieved straight 7/7 grades across her subject portfolio, which comprised English A: Language and Literature (Standard Level – SL), German B (Higher Level – HL), History (SL), Chemistry (HL), Biology (HL), Mathematics Analysis and Approaches (SL) and A grades in each of Theory of Knowledge and her Extended Essay in History.
  • Hannah Zheng achieved straight 7/7 grades across her subject portfolio, which comprised English A: Language and Literature (SL), Chinese B – Mandarin (SL in Chinese), Economics (HL), Chemistry (HL), Biology (HL), Mathematics Analysis and Approaches (SL), an A grade for Theory of Knowledge and a B grade for her Extended Essay in Economics.
  • Jerry Sun and Yuhan Wang are our IB Proxime Accesserunt. Jerry and Yuhan each achieved a score of 44/45.
  • Liam Betts, Sophia (Hui) Cao, Yiheng Mao, and Justin Feng Wu each achieved a score of 43/45.
  • 14 students achieved an IB Diploma score of 40 or above, an astonishing 36% of our 2022 IB Diploma cohort.
  • The average IB Diploma score for our Class of 2022 is an incredible 38/45.
  • Overall, our IB Diploma students gained 81 merits (i.e., a subject grade equal to 7/7). Anticipated (Year 11) students gained six merits. Course (SACE) students gained eight merits.
  • Seven students achieved a Bilingual IB Diploma.

IB Diploma students have the option to have their subjects re-marked. In the past, approximately 20% of grades have improved upon re-mark; it is therefore possible that our already excellent results might improve further over the coming weeks.

Final percentage comparison with national IB Diploma results will be provided in due course – and I am very confident that our students’ excellent results will compare favourably both nationally and internationally.

Our students’ results represent another wonderful chapter in Pembroke’s long history of participation in the IB Diploma Programme and are testament not only to our students’ hard work, but also to our teachers who are highly skilled and experienced in teaching both the IB Diploma and the SACE. The results also reflect the commitment and support of families, who support, love and care for our students throughout their schooling.

I am particularly mindful of the strong and authentic alignment between the mission of the International Baccalaureate and the Pembroke School Aims. The IB develops inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through education that builds intercultural understanding and respect – and this resonates with my own observations of Pembroke’s students and wider community in my initial six months as Principal.

We heartily congratulate and celebrate the IB Diploma students of 2022. We are extraordinarily proud of all our students, both IB and SACE, who are now valued members of our thriving Old Scholar Community.

Mark Staker

Pembroke School's complete Year 12 results from previous years can be viewed on our website at History of Success.