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We are proud to share with you the achievements of our Year 12 SACE students for 2020.

15 December 2020

Our SACE students' very strong results represent hard work and dedication by our students and teachers, as well as by the parents and caregivers who have supported our Year 12 students through their schooling.

Final SACE results are calculated from a diverse range of subject choices and programs including VET and International Baccalaureate subjects. 22 of our SACE students studied an IB subject this year, meaning that for nearly 13% of our SACE cohort their results will improve further in January when IB Diploma and subject results are released. We will provide a comprehensive analysis of our Year 12 results in our Excellence and Leadership publication in the new year.

For now, these are the highlights from SACE results received thus far:

  • There were 166 students in our SACE cohort, and all who were eligible achieved their SACE.
  • Brendan Lu received an ATAR of 99.95. Brendan completed his SACE with an impressive four subject merits garnered over two years: 2019: Specialist Mathematics; 2020: Economics, Chemistry, and English Literary Studies. He also participated in the University of Adelaide Headstart program, achieving a High Distinction in Mathematics for both semesters. We heartily congratulate Brendan.
  • From ATAR results received already: 16 students received an ATAR ranking in the top 1% nationally, one of the best results for us in recent years. 43 students received an ATAR ranking in the top 5% nationally, again a very strong result by comparison with previous years. 68 students received an ATAR ranking in the top 10% nationally.
  • 100 A+ grades were awarded to our students resulting in 42 subject merits achieved across 16 subjects.
  • Ten students received multiple SACE subject merits. Congratulations to these students.
  • 11 students studied at the University of Adelaide within the Headstart Program: five in Human Anatomy and Physiology; five in Mathematics and one in Forensic Science and Neuroscience. These students all achieved two High Distinctions for their tertiary studies, which convert very positively to their ATAR.

Final percentage comparison with national results and university course destinations will be provided once our Year 12 results are complete.

The 2020 SACE results build on an outstanding history of past students’ academic achievements at Pembroke. We congratulate and celebrate the SACE students of 2020 and look forward to communicating the IB results to you in early January.

Pembroke School's complete Year 12 results from previous years can be viewed at History of Success.